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Company changes for the 2016/2017 season

The Royal Ballet

   Alexander Campbell, Francesca Hayward, Ryoichi Hirano, Akane Takada to Principal Dancer
   Claire Calvert, Yasmine Naghdi, Beatriz Stix-Brunell to First Soloist
   Matthew Ball, Mayara Magri, Tierney Heap to Soloist
   Reece Clarke, David Donnelly, Benjamin Ella, Isabella Gasparini, Anna Rose O’Sullivan, Demelza Parish to First Artist

 Joiners (as Artists):
   Joseph Sissons, graduate of the Royal Ballet School
   Mica Bradbury, joined mid-season from Ballet Vlaanderen
   Leticia Dias Domingues, from BRB
   Lukas Bjørneboe Brændsrød, Harry Churches, Leo Dixon, Isabel Lubach, Julia Roscoe (2015/16 Aud Jebsen Young Dancers) all from the RBS

 Other joiners:
   2016/17 Aud Jebsen Young Dancers:Estelle Bovay, Maria Luisa Castillo Yoshida, Arianna Maldini, Giacomo Rovero, Francisco Serrano, Charlotte Tonkinson, all from the RBS
    Prix de Lausanne Dancer: Vincenzo Di Primo

 Royal Ballet Young Choreographer Programme:
   Charlotte Edmonds continues for the 2016/17 season (mentored by Kevin O'Hare and Wayne McGregor)

RB official announcement

Birmingham Royal Ballet
   Samara Downs, Céline Gittens from First Soloist to Principal
   Delia Mathews from Soloist to First Soloist
   Yijing Zhang, Feargus Campbell, Brandon Lawrence, Valentin Olovyannikov from First Artist to Soloist
   Yaoqian Shang from Artist to Soloist
   Reina Fuchigami, Jade Heusen, Max Maslen, Lachlan Monaghan from Artist to First Artist

 Joiners (as Artists):
   Gabriel Anderson, Aitor Galende, graduates of the Royal Ballet School
   Tim Dutson, graduate of English National Ballet School

   Elisha Willis after 13 years, 12 years as a Principal. Elisha is retiring from ballet and is going to pursue a career in costume making
   Jonathan Caguioa after 14 years, four years as a Soloist. Jonathan is returning to London to undertake a Pilates teaching course
   Steven Monteith left earlier this season after 18 years, six years as a Soloist. Steven is studying for the Professional Dancers’ Teaching Diploma at the Royal Academy of Dance
   Oliver Till after nine years. He is moving to the United States to pursue different opportunities.
   Leticia Dias Domingues after a year to join the Royal Ballet as an Artist
   Luke Schaufuss after three years to join Scottish Ballet as a Soloist

Royal Ballet School Graduate Contracts 2016
The Royal Ballet Joseph Sissons
The Royal Ballet (Aud Jebsen Young Dancers programme)
Joseph Aumeer, Estelle Bovay, Maria Luisa Castillo Yoshida, Arianna Maldini, Giacomo Rovero, Francisco Serrano, Charlotte Tonkinson
Birmingham Royal Ballet
Gabriel Anderson, Altor Galende Brizuela
Birmingham Royal Ballet (Apprentice)
Johanne Monfret
American Ballet Theatre Studio Company 
Kiely Groenewegan
Boston Ballet II 
Gabrielle Beach
Ekaterinburg State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre 
Lorenzo Silingardi
English National Ballet 
Connie Vowles
Hong Kong Ballet 
Nana Sakai
Northern Ballet 
Lorenzo Trossello
Royal Swedish Ballet 
Kaho Yanagisawa, Karl-Erik Wigle Andersson
Sarasota Ballet (Apprentice) 
Thomas Bradshaw
Scottish Ballet 
Grace Paulley
Teatrul de Balet Sibiu
Maya Negishi, Rio Sato
Tulsa Ballet II 
Simone Acri
Vienna State Opera Ballet 
Scott McKenzie

RBS website: A 100% employment record!

Company changes for the 2015/2016 season
The Royal Ballet
RB official announcement
   Francesca Hayward, James Hay to First Soloist
   Meaghan Grace Hinkis, Luca Acri, Nicol Edmonds, Marcelino Sambé to Soloist
   Camille Bracher, Mayara Magri, Leticia Stock, Matthew Ball, Sander Blommaert, Tomas Mock, Donald Thom to First Artist

 Joiners (as Artists):
   Chisato Katsura, graduate of the Royal Ballet School
   From the Aud Jebsen Young Dancers Programme: Grace Blundell (formerly RBS), Ashley Scott (formerly ENBS)
   2015 Prix de Lausanne Dancer David Yudes

 Other joiners:
   Aud Jebsen Young Dancers: Isabel Lubach, Julia Roscoe, Lukas Bjørneboe Brændsrød, Harry Churches, Leo Dixon, all from the Royal Ballet School
    Prix de Lausanne Dancer: Julian MacKay joins for the 2015/16 season
    Royal Ballet Young Choreographer Programme: Charlotte Edmonds joins for the 2015/16 season as the first participant

   First Soloist Deirdre Chapman
   First Artists Pietra Mello-Pittman, Ludovic Ondiviela (mid-season); Jacqueline Clark, Elsa Godard, Michael Stojko, Andrej Uspenski (at season end). Andrej Uspenski will be engaged as photographer for the Royal Ballet for the 2015/16 season
   Aud Jebsen Young Dancers from the 2014/15 season have been offered contracts as follows: Maria Barroso joins the National Ballet of Portugal, Grace Horler joins Scottish Ballet, Ashleigh McKimmie joins Estonian National Ballet

 On sabbatical:
   First Soloist Melissa Hamilton as Principal Dancer at Semperoper Ballet, Dresden for the 2015/16 season
   First Artist Leanne Cope continues her sabbatical playing Lise in Christopher Wheeldon's An American in Paris

Birmingham Royal Ballet
BRB official announcement

   Mathias Dingman is promoted from First Soloist to Principal
   Céline Gittens is promoted from Soloist to First Soloist
   Yvette Knight is promoted from First Artist to Soloist
   Karla Doorbar, Miki Mizutani, Lewis Turner are promoted from Artist to First Artist

 Joiners (as Artists):
   Letícia Dias Domingues from Brazil, graduate of the Royal Ballet School
   Miko Fogarty from London, graduate of the Indiana Ballet Conservatory, on a 1-year contract
   Beatrice Parma from Italy will join from the Turkish State Opera and Ballet
   Rachele Pizzillo from Italy, graduate of the Royal Ballet School
   Brooke Ray from New Zealand, graduate of the Royal Ballet School
   Mitsuru Ito from Japan will join on a 1-year scholarship as a Prix de Lausanne prizewinner

   Natasha Oughtred leaves BRB after eight years, six of those years as a Principal. Natasha recently became a mum and has chosen to retire from ballet
   Benjamin Soerel leaves BRB after six years. Benjamin is returning to the Netherlands to study for a degree in physiotherapy at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
   Lorena Agramonte leaves BRB after a year with the Company
   Laetitia Lo Sardo left BRB earlier this season after 17 years, two of those years as a First Soloist. Laetitia is now teaching ballet and enjoying life as a mum
    Sofia Rubio Robles left BRB earlier this season and has returned to Gran Canaria

Royal Ballet School Graduate Contracts 2015
The Royal Ballet Chisato Katsura
Royal Ballet Aud Jebsen Young Dancers Programme Lukas Bjørneboe Brændsrød, Harry Churches, Leo Dixon, Isabel Lubach, Julia Roscoe
Birmingham Royal Ballet Letícia Dias Domingues, Rachele Pizzillo, Brooke Ray
American Ballet Theatre Kento Sumitani
English National Ballet William Beagley, Josephine Frick, Erik Woolhouse
Estonian National Ballet Adam Ashcroft
Mikhailovsky Ballet Monja Obrul
National Ballet of Canada Laurynas Vejalis
National Ballet of Portugal Killian Smith
National Romanian Ballet Henry Dowden
New English Ballet Theatre Maria Huguet Planas
Northern Ballet Alexander Yap
Northern Ballet Apprentice Grace Robinson
Norwegian National Ballet Apprentice Kenji Wilkie
Scottish Ballet Grace Horne
Semperoper Ballett Dresden Giulia Frosi, Gareth Haw
Stuttgart Ballet Apprentice Benjamin Thomas
Washington Ballet Studio Company Sophie Moffatt

Elmhurst School for Dance Graduate Contracts 2015
Georgina Ashworth Kwasnik, Manchester University
Corrine Cox, Apprentice contract Balleto di Sienna
Alice Cunningham, Middlesex University
Jules Davies Hinds, Northern Ballet Theatre, Graduate Programme
Rosanna Ely, Birmingham Royal Ballet
Gemma Gullefer, Dortmund Ballet
Mami Hagihara, Pilzen Ballet, Czech Republic
Sebastian Held, Serbia National Ballet Belgrade
Grace Hume, Atlantic City Ballet, USA
Joshua Lee, Alberta Ballet, Canada
Lily Murray, San Diego Ballet / Alberta Ballet
Laura Myers, Durham University
Dean Rushton, Romanian National Ballet
Rebecca Scanlon, Chantry Dance Company
Archie Sladen, Pilzen Ballet, Czech Republic
Leonie Thomas, Northern Ballet Theatre, Graduate Programme

Ballet Association Awards 2015

Royal Ballet School Each year the Ballet Association provides bursaries for outstanding students. David Bain, Chairman of the Association, attended the School’s end of year Assembly to present the association’s 2015 Royal Ballet School Awards to Gabrielle Beach from the USA, Joshua Junker from Holland and Yuki Sugiura from Japan. Joshua and Yuki are in the First Year of the Upper School and Gabrielle in her second. The Awards of £600 each are given to help with their studies at the School.

BA Award 2015
David Bain and the three award winners. Photo ©The Royal Ballet School

Company changes for the 2014/2015 season
The Royal Ballet
   Akane Takada and Valentino Zucchetti to First Soloist
   Francesca Hayward, Yasmine Naghdi, Tristan Dyer and Fernando Montaño to Soloist
   Jacqueline Clark, Elsa Godard, Gemma Pitchley-Gale, Luca Acri, Nicol Edmonds, Kevin Emerton
   and Marcelino Sambé to First Artist

   Natalia Osipova, Vadim Muntagirov and Matthew Golding joined as Principal during the season

   As Artist:
   Calvin Richardson from The Royal Ballet School
   Mariko Sasaki from Birmingham Royal Ballet
   Hannah Grennell from Dutch National Ballet
   Gina Storm-Jensen, Reece Clarke and Teo Dubreu, graduates of the RBS, joined during
   the season. Isabella Gasparini also joined in 2014

   Aud Jebsen Young Dancers Programme (one year contract):
   Grace Blundell and Grace Horler from The Royal Ballet School
   Ashley Scott and Ashleigh McKimmie from English National Ballet School
   Maria Barroso from Semperoper Ballet, Dresden

   David Navarro Yudes joins as a Prix de Lausanne Dancer for 2014/15

   Soloist Dawid Trzensimiech left during last season to join National Romanian Ballet
   Soloist Kenta Kura retires after 17 years to become Boys’ Artistic Teacher at White Lodge
   First Artist Sabina Westcombe
   Artists Ruth Bailey and Claudia Dean
   First Artist Leanne Cope will take a season’s sabbatical to play the part of Lise Dassin in An American in Paris, directed and choreographed by Christopher Wheeldon

RB official announcement

Birmingham Royal Ballet
   Samara Downs from Soloist to First Soloist
   Delia Mathews from First Artist to Soloist
   Yasuo Atsuji from First Artist to Soloist
   William Bracewell from First Artist to Soloist
   Kit Holder from First Artist to Soloist
   Ruth Brill from Artist to First Artist
   Brandon Lawrence from Artist to First Artist

 Joiners (as Artists):
   Alexander Bird from St. Ives, Royal Ballet School graduate
   Edivaldo Souza da Silva from Brazil, Royal Ballet School graduate
   Sofia Rubio Robles from Gran Canaria, from Dutch National Ballet Junior Company
   Daria Stanciulescu from Romania, from Ballet Zurich
   Maki Sekuzu from Japan, Elmhurst School for Dance graduate

   Callie Roberts leaves after seven years with the Company, two of those as a First Artist. Callie is moving to London to explore other ventures.
   Nathanael Skelton left earlier this year after eight years with the Company. He returned to New Zealand to join Royal New Zealand Ballet.

BRB announcement with photos

Royal Ballet School Graduate Contracts 2014
The Royal Ballet Reece Clarke, Calvin Richardson, Gina Storm-Jensen
Royal Ballet Young Dancer Programme Grace Blundell, Grace Horler
Birmingham Royal Ballet Alexander Bird, Edivaldo Souza da Silva
Ballet du Capitole de Toulouse Minoru Kaneko
Ballett Zürich Madeleine Dowdney, Kieran Brooks
Bavarian State Ballet Maud-Hélène Treille
Boston Ballet Hannah Bettes, Samuel Zaldivar
National Ballet of Canada Giorgio Garrett
National Ballet of Uruguay Erin Holloway
National Romanian Ballet Giordana Gallo, Alessandro Audisio, Ross McCaw, Barnaby Rook Bishop
Royal Danish Ballet Drew Nelson, Samuel Rees
Royal Ballet of Flanders Mica Bradbury, Fiona McGee
Sarasota Ballet Lily Howes, Barny Sharratt
Singapore Dance Theatre Dianyu Wu
Stuttgart Ballet Adam Russell-Jones
(100% employment success)

Photos on the Royal Ballet School website

Elmhurst School for Dance Graduate Contracts 2014
Alice Balhatchet, reading English Literature at York University
Madeleine Bantick, Northern Ballet Academy
Alistair Beattie, Bucharest National Ballet
Jessica Bellini, Cinevox Junior Company
Bumni Bodija, reading Mathematics at City University London
Isaac Cohen, Atlantic City Ballet
Charlotte Goffin, summer 2014 contract in English National Ballet’s Romeo and Juliet
Catherine Gurr, Ballet West Trainee Programme USA
Riho Majima, University in Japan
Yujin Muraishi, Slovenian National Ballet
Ririka Oishi, Lion King
Paul Oliver, Ballet Ireland
Curtis Pooley, Northern Ballet Graduate programme
Stephanie Rae, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (BA Modern Ballet)
Maki Sekuzu, Birmingham Royal Ballet
Madison Vallance, Sea Cruise UK Limited

Company changes for the 2013/2014 season
The Royal Ballet
   Natalia Osipova joins as Principal Dancer
   Annette Buvoli, Gina Storm-Jensen, Matthew Ball, David Donnell and Reece Clarke join as Artists
   Anna Rose O’Sullivan, Luca Acri and Marcelino Sambé joined as Artists during the 2012/13 season
   Masaya Yamamoto joins as a Prix de Lausanne dancer.

Natalia Osipova with Carlos Acosta in Swan Lake. Photo ©ROH/Alice Pennefather 2012

   Leanne Benjamin, Alina Cojocaru, Mara Galeazzi and Johan Kobborg, Principal Dancers
   Brian Maloney, Soloist
   Jonathan Watkins, First Artist
   Grant Coyle, Principal Dance Notator and Répétiteur.

   Melissa Hamilton, from Soloist to First Soloist
   Olivia Cowley, Elizabeth Harrod, Fumi Kaneko from First Artist to Soloist
   Hayley Forskitt, Francesca Hayward, Tristan Dyer from Artist to First Artist.

Birmingham Royal Ballet
   Miles Gilliver, Nikita Ruhl, Mariko Sasaki, Yaoquian Shang join as Artist
   Yasuo Atsuji rejoins as Artist.

   Ambra Vallo, Principal Dancer
   Matthew Lawrence and Carol-Ann Millar, Principal Dancers, left during the 2012-13 season
   Victoria Marr, First Soloist
   Kristen McGarrity and Laura Davenport, Artists.

   Momoko Hirata and Tyrone Singleton, from First Soloist to Principal Dancer
   Yijing Zhang from Artist to First Artist.

Royal Ballet School Graduate Contracts 2013
Bavarian State Ballet 2  Alexander Bennett
Berlin Ballet  Danielle Muir
Birmingham Royal Ballet  Yaoqian Shang, Nikita Ruhl, Mariko Sasaki
Colorado Ballet  Kevin Hale
Dortmund Ballet  Takahiro Tamagawa
English National Ballet  Daniele Silingardi, Joan Zamora
Hamburg Ballet  Hannah Beach
National Ballet of Portugal  Callum Collins
Nederlands Dans Theater  Luke Cinque-White
San Francisco Ballet  Esteban Hernandez
Sarasota Ballet  Lucy Gold
Scottish Ballet  Evan Loudon
Singapore Dance Theatre  Lewis Gardner
The Royal Ballet  Luca Acri, Matthew Ball, Annette Buvoli, David Donnelly, Anna Rose O'Sullivan, Marcelino Sambé
Vienna State Opera Ballet  Nikisha Fogo, Suzan Opperman, James Stephens
Zurich Ballet 2  Matthew Knight

Ballet Association Awards 2013

Royal Ballet School Following the performance on the Opera House stage on July 14th David Bain attended the School’s graduation ceremony where he presented the 2013 awards to First Year Upper School student Chisato Katsura and Second Year students Reece Clarke and Adam Russell-Jones.

This year we presented an additional award which was very generously donated by Leanne Benjamin. She asked that her leaving present from the Ballet Association should be passed on to help a student at the School. It went to First Year student Harry Churches.

Reece Clarke, David Bain, Chisato Katsura and Adam Russell-Jones. Photo ©Brian Slater

Harry Churches
David Bain with Harry Churches.
 Photo ©Brian Slater

Elmhurst School for Dance During the Ballet Association's annual visit to Elmhurst and Birmingham Royal Ballet in June our 2013 award was made to Riho Majima.

Company changes for the 2012/2013 season
The Royal Ballet
    Ryoichi Hirano & Alexander Campbell from Soloist to First Soloist
    Claire Calvert, James Hay, Dawid Trzensimiech & Valentino Zucchetti from First Artist to Soloist
    Beatriz Stix-Brunell from Artist to Soloist
    Meaghan Grace-Hinkis, Fumi Kaneko & Yasmine Naghdi from Artist to First Artist

    Tierney Heap, Mayara Magri & Donald Thom (all from RBS), Nicol Edmonds (from Finnish
     National Ballet) as Artists

    Principal Dancer Tamara Rojo to become Director of English National Ballet
    Principal Dancers Sergei Polunin* & David Makhateli*
    Ballet Mistress Ursula Hageli
    First Soloist José Martin
    First Artist Francesca Filpi*
    Physiotherapist Daryl Martin*
    Artists Celisa Diuana & Aaron Smyth
    Prix de Lausanne dancer Patricia Zhou

  *during the season
Details on the company website.

Birmingham Royal Ballet
    Jenna Roberts, First Soloist to Principal
    Angela Paul, Laetitia Lo Sardo, Tzu-Chao Chou & Mathias Dingman, Soloist to First Soloist
    Arancha Baselga, Laura Purkiss, James Barton, Jonathan Caguioa & Tom Rogers,
     First Artist to Soloist
    Laura-Jane Gibson, Yvette Knight, Delia Mathews, Callie Roberts, William Bracewell & Oliver Till,
     Artist to First Artist

    Momoko Hirata returns as First Soloist after 18 months with Angel Corella’s company
    Miki Mizutani (ENB School) as Artist
    Alys Shee (from ABT II) as Artist
    Laura Day*, Reina Fuchigami* & Lachlan Monaghan (all from RBS) as Artists
    Anna Monleon* (from Elmhurst) as Artist
    Ana Albutashvili (from the State Ballet of Georgia) as Artist

    Gaylene Cummerfield, Principal Dancer, after a 15 year career with Australian Ballet and BRB,
    Gaylene leaves to become a full-time mother
    Robert Parker, Principal Dancer, after 18 years with the company to take up the role of
    Artistic Director of Elmhurst School for Dance
    Lei Zhao, Robert Gravenor, Aonghus Hoole and Max Westwell left during the season

  *joined mid-season
Details on the company website.

Royal Ballet School graduate contracts 2012
Atlantic City Ballet  Romain di Fazio
Ballet de l’Opéra de Paris  Axel Alvarez
Ballet de l’Opéra National de Bordeaux  Evangeline Ball, Takaaki Okajima
Ballet du Capitole de Toulouse  Matthew Astley
Bavarian State Ballet 2  Marta Navarrete Villalba, Jonah Cook, Sebastian Goffin
Berlin Ballet 2  Jordan Mullin
Birmingham Royal Ballet  Laura Day, Reina Fuchigami, Lachlan Monaghan
Dutch National Ballet  Skyler Martin
English National Ballet  Teo Dubreuil
Hong Kong Ballet  Ellen Elphick, Solomon Golding
Karlsruhe State Theatre of Baden  Louis-Joseph Bray
Lithuanian National Ballet  Isaac Evans
National Ballet of Portugal  Melissa Parsons
Northern Ballet  Mariana Rodrigues, Sean Bates, Isaac Lee-Baker
Polish National Ballet  Lynsey Sutherland, Kenneth Dwigans
The Royal Ballet  Tierney Heap, Mayara Magri, Donald Thorn
Vienna State Opera Ballet  Nina Tonoli, Tristan Ridel

Ballet Association Awards 2012
Royal Ballet School  At the 2012 Royal Ballet School graduation ceremony David Bain presented the Annual Ballet Association Awards to 1st Year Upper School students Marcelino Sambé from Portugal, Yaoqian Shang from China and 2nd Year Upper School student Nina Tonoli from Belgium.

Marcelino’s successes include junior division gold medals at the USA International Ballet Competition 2010 and at Youth America Grand Prix 2009. His entry for the Ursula Moreton Choreographic Award received 2nd prize and was performed during the Linbury season, at which he also performed the pas de deux from Le Corsaire. Yaoqian also danced the Corsaire pas de deux on the opening and closing nights. She previously studied at the Beijing Dance Academy and was offered a place at The Royal Ballet School after being seen by the Director at the Youth America Grand Prix 2010. Nina performed in a number of ballets both in the Linbury Season and on the Main Stage. She enjoys choreographing and was featured in a short documentary for Belgian television alongside Sander Blommaert. This can be seen on YouTube.

BA Award
Nina Tonoli and Marcelino Sambé with David Bain. Photo ©Brian Slater

BA Award
Yaoquin Shang. Photo ©Brian Slater

Elmhurst School for Dance  During the course of our annual visit to Birmingham Royal Ballet and Elmhurst School for Dance, David Bain presented the Ballet Association’s Annual Award to Nastazia Phillipou. From Cyprus, Nastazia is a first year sixth Elmhurst student. Our award will help towards the cost of her taking part in the Genée competition later this year in South Africa. Nastazia enchanted members, talking informally with them during lunch, after which we watched her in class taught by ex-BRB dancer James Grundy. We will watch Nastazia’s progress with great interest.

Nastazia Phillipou
Nastazia Phillipou with (L to R) Ballet Teacher Gloria Grigolato, David Bain, Assistant to
the Artistic Director Denise Whiteman

Company changes for the 2011/2012 season
The Royal Ballet
    to Soloist - Emma MaGuire, Akane Takada
    to First Artist - Sabina Westcombe, James Hay, Dawid Trzensimeich, Valentino Zucchetti
    Jonathan Howells is made Assistant Ballet Master

    Alexander Campbell as Soloist (from BRB)
    Claudia Dean, Francesca Hayward, Meaghan Grace Hinkis (from ABT), Fumi Kaneko,
    Tomas Mock as Artists
    Sung-Woo Han and Patricia Zhou as Prix de Lausanne dancers

    James Butcher, Vanessa Fenton, Victoria Hewitt, Bethany Keating

Birmingham Royal Ballet
Marion Tait appointed Assistant Director of BRB

    Joseph Caley from First Soloist to Principal
    Tyrone Singleton from Soloist to First Soloist
    Mathias Dingman, Samara Downs, Céline Gittens, Rory Mackay from First Artist to Soloist
    James Barton, Feargus Campbell from Artist to First Artist

    Tzu-Chao Chou as Soloist from Australian Ballet
    Max Westwell as Soloist from English National Ballet
    Maureya Lebowitz as Soloist from Winnipeg Ballet (started in May)
    Lewis Turner, Elmhurst graduate continues as Artist after his Prix de Lausanne Laureate year
    Karla Doorbar, Brandon Lawrence, Emily Smith as Artists from the Royal Ballet School

    Video Archivist, former dancer and Principal Character Artist David Morse after 50 years
    with the Royal Ballet Companies
    First Soloist Andrea Tredinnick retires from dance after 24 years with the Company
    First Soloist Alexander Campbell leaves to start as Soloist with The Royal Ballet
    Artist Christopher Rodgers-Wilson has left to dance with Australian Ballet
    Artists Sonia Aguilar, Dusty Button, Machi Moritaka, Anniek Soobroy have also left

Royal Ballet School graduate contracts 2011
American Ballet Theatre  Jamie Kopit
Ballet de l'Opéra National de Bordeaux
 Austin Lui
Ballet Theatre UK  Aimee-Louise Cordeaux
Bavarian State Ballet
 Jacopo Bellussi
Bavarian State Ballet 2  Antonia McAuley
Birmingham Royal Ballet  Karla Doorbar, Emily Smith, Brandon Lawrence
Boston Ballet 2
  Ileana Riveron
Dresden Ballet
 Gina Scott
Dutch National Ballet
 Hannah Grennell
Estonian National Ballet
 Bruno Micchiardi
Finnish National Ballet  Millis Faust
Joffrey Ballet  Fabio Lo Guidice
National Ballet of Portugal  Dominic Whitbrook
National Ballet of Uruguay  Ciro Tamayo
Northern Ballet  Sean Bates, Teresa Saavedrea Bordes
Norwegian Ballet  Grete Borud Nybakken, Douwe Dekkers
Paris Opéra Ballet  Chase O'Connell
Polish National Ballet  Roseanna Leney
The Royal Ballet  Claudia Dean, Francesca Hayward, Tomas Mock
Royal Ballet of Flanders  Michael Snoey Kiewit
Royal Swedish Ballet  Calum Lowden
Scottish Ballet  Sophie Allnatt
Singapore Dance Theatre  Robin Kent
Slovak National Theatre Ballet  Samuel Price
Slovenian National Theatre Ballet  Kenta Yamamoto
Tulsa Ballet  Stefano Maggiolo
Vienna State Opera Ballet  Greig Matthew
Zurich Ballet  Zoe Roberts, Michael Burton, Thomas Kendall

Company changes for the 2010/11 season
The Royal Ballet
    to Principal Dancer - Sergei Polunin
    to First Soloist - Johannes Stepanek
    to Soloist - Melissa Hamilton
    to First Artist - Claire Calvert, Akane Takada, Fernando Montaño, Erico Montes

    Nehemiah Kish as Principal (from Royal Danish Ballet)
    Itziar Mendizabal as First Soloist (from Leipzig Ballet)
    Yasmine Naghdi as Artist (from Royal Ballet School, joined April 2010)
    Sander Blommaert as Artist (from Royal Ballet School)
    James Butcher as Artist (from Royal Ballet School)
    Valentino Zucchetti as Artist (from Norwegian Ballet)
    Camille Bracher as Artist (from Johannesburg, South Africa)
    Beatriz Stix-Brunell as Artist (from School of American Ballet)

    Miyako Yoshida, Ivan Putrov, Viacheslav Samodurov, Yohei Sasaki, Gemma Sykes, Cindy Jourdain, Ernst Meisner, Richard Ramsey, Xander Parish

Birmingham Royal Ballet
    Momoko Hirata - from Soloist to First Soloist
    Steven Monteith - from First Artist to Soloist
    Mathias Dingman - from Artist to First Artist

    Ian Mackay rejoined in March as Principal Dancer from the Corella Ballet, Spain
    William Bracewell and Machi Moritaka as Artists (from RBS)
    Lewis Turner as Artist (from Elmhurst School for Dance). Lewis was awarded a Prix de Lausanne scholarship in January 2010 and has chosen to take up his year-long apprenticeship prize with BRB.

    James Grundy, Christopher Larsen, Kosuke Yamamoto

Royal Ballet School graduate contracts 2010
The Royal Ballet  Sander Blommaert, James Butcher, Yasmine Nagdhi
Birmingham Royal Ballet  William Bracewell, Machi Moritaka
English National Ballet  Barry Drummond, Angela Wood
Northern Ballet Theatre  Matthew Broadbent
Scottish Ballet  Nicole Cato, Imogen Chapman
Wayne McGregor Random Dance  Louis McMiller
Boston Ballet  Duncan Lyle
Ballet de l'Opéra National de Bordeaux  Ashley Whittle
Cape Town City Ballet  Jon Savage
Dresden Ballet  Colombe Hays, Mari Kawanishi
Estonian Ballet  Hannah Carter
Karlsruhe State Theatre of Baden  Harriet Mills
Royal New Zealand Ballet  Paul Russell
Stuttgart Ballet  Nicholas Jones
Vienna State Opera Ballet  Ashley Taylor
Zurich Ballet  Dario Elia, Philip Helme

Ballet Association Awards 2010
At the Royal Ballet School Graduation Ceremony, after July's school performance in the Royal Opera House, Chairman David Bain presented the Ballet Association’s Annual Awards to this year’s recipients, Claudia Dean and Lachlan Monaghan. Both from Australia, they enter their graduate year this autumn. Claudia was particularly prominent in the School’s Matinée dancing in Fractals and the lead in the third movement of Concerto. Our awards of £500 each are made to overseas students to help with their studies. We hope to invite both to meet members at a meeting later in the year.

Director Gailene Stock wrote offering "sincere thanks to all at the Ballet Association for the ongoing support of the training of our young dancers." Speaking of this year’s recipients, she wrote: "As well as being talented, they are both delightful young people and will be most appreciative of the support these prizes so generously provide."

Awards 2010
Claudia Dean and Lachlan Monaghan with David Bain at the awards presentation.

Company changes for the 2009/10 season
The Royal Ballet
    to Principal Dancer – Steven McRae
    to First Soloist – Helen Crawford, Hikaru Kobayashi, Sergei Polunin
    to Soloist – Kristen McNally
    to First Artist – Leanne Cope, Olivia Cowley, Melissa Hamilton, Nathalie Harrison
  First Artist Sian Murphy is appointed Assistant Ballet Mistress

  New joiners:
    Ruth Bailey, Leticia Stock, Tristan Dyer, Benjamin Ella as Artists (from RBS)
    Hayley Forskitt (Norwegian National Ballet) and Jacqueline Clark (Ballet Ireland) also join as Artists
    Akane Takada is appointed Artist from Prix de Lausanne Apprentice
    Rina Nemoto joins as Prix de Lausanne Dancer

    Alexandra Ansanelli, Isabel McMeekan, Vanessa Palmer, Henry St Clair

Birmingham Royal Ballet
    to Principal Dancer – Jamie Bond, Natasha Oughtred, Gaylene Cummerfield, Carol-Anne Millar
    to First Soloist – Joseph Caley, Alex Campbell
    to First Artist – Céline Gittens, Tom Rogers
  Principal Dancer Dominic Antonucci is appointed Ballet Master

  New joiners:
    Jade Heusen and Benjamin Soerel as Artists

Ballet Association Awards 2009
The Ballet Association Award was instituted in 2008. The criteria for awards were set by the Royal Ballet School teaching staff and are:

The value of the awards is £500 each and they were presented in July by Ballet Association Vice Chairman Sylvia Tyler to Imogen Chapman (on the left in the photo) and Angela Wood. Both students are 17 and enter their graduate year this autumn. Imogen is from Australia and Angela from Colorado. Imogen recently toured with Carlos Acosta and both will be travelling to Toronto with the School in November to participate in the 50th Anniversary celebrations for Canada’s National Ballet School.

Imogen Chapman and Angela Wood with Sylvia Tyler at the awards presentation
Photo ©Ashley Taylor

Company promotions for the 2008/09 season
The Royal Ballet
  To Principal Dancer: Lauren Cuthbertson, Rupert Pennefather
  To First Soloist: Yuhui Choe, Stephen McRae
  To Soloist: Helen Crawford, Laura McCulloch, Ryoichi Hirano, Paul Kay, Sergei Polunin, Eric Underwood
  To First Artist: Elizabeth Harrod, Romany Pajdak, Pietro Mello-Pitman, Liam Scarlett
  New joiners: James Hay, Dawid Trzensimiech as Artists; Akane Takada as Prix de Lausanne Apprentice

Birmingham Royal Ballet
  To First Soloist: Jamie Bond, Natasha Oughtred, Jenna Roberts, Lei Zhao
  To Soloist: Momoko Hirata
  To First Artist: Aaron Robison
  New joiners: César Morales as Principal Dancer; Dusty Button, Delia Matthews, Nicki Moffat,
  Yijing Zhang, Laura Davenport as Artists

Royal Ballet School graduate contracts 2009
The Royal Ballet  Ruth Bailey, Leticia Stock, Tristan Dyer, Benjamin Ella
Birmingham Royal Ballet  Benjamin Soerel
English National Ballet  Nicola Henshall, Shiori Kase, Vadim Muntagirov (First Artist)
Northern Ballet Theatre  Jeremy Curnier
Dutch National Ballet  Charlotte Barber-O'Donnell
Stuttgart Ballet  Elisa Badenes
Munich Ballet  Freya Thomas
Royal Danish Ballet  Oda Groener
Royal Swedish Ballet  Daniel Norgren-Jensen
Estonian Ballet  Jonathan Hanks, William Moore
Norwegian National Ballet  Lucas Lima
Hungarian Ballet  Lili Felmery
Ballet de l'Opéra National de Bordeaux  Giada Rossi, Bethany West
Corella Ballet, Spain  Giacomo Vitelli, Mattia Vitelli, Sergi Terns Goma
South African Ballet Theatre  Alex Arshamian
Ballet Tucson, Arizona  Natalie Blosser
National Ballet of Canada  Giorgio Galli
Singapore Dance Theatre  Ichigo Oguro
The Australian Ballet  Jessica Wood

Ballet Association Awards 2008
Presented by David Bain, the value of the awards was £500 each. The 2008 winners were Tristan Dyer from Australia and Shiori Kase from Japan. Shiori was aged 16. She studied at the Hirose Kato Ballet Studio in Japan before joining the Royal Ballet School. Tristan is two years older. He has UK, US and Australian nationality. Before coming to the Royal Ballet School he studied at Newport Academy of Ballet (US), the National Ballet School of Canada and the Australian Ballet School.

Tristan Dyer and Shiori Kase with David Bain at the awards presentation